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Dog Training

Creating well-mannered family pets and opening the world to performance sports!

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Dog Training Classes

Our class schedule is available on our Calendar.

Beginning Obedience

6 Weeks $200
This course teaches dogs and their handlers' basic commands that are needed for all aspects of obedience and good manners. This class is a necessity for future dog activities and a well mannered family pet.

Intermediate Obedience

6 Weeks $200
In this level, the focus will be distractions, time and precision. Handlers will work with their dogs on basic commands, but in different positions, situations and some off-lead. New commands will be introduced so that by the completion of this class, handlers will have the required knowledge to begin participation in competition Obedience, Rally or Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification.

Private Lessons

30 minute increments $60
30 minutes of private instruction for behavior issues, obedience fine tuning and management plans. By appointment only.

One on One Practice

20 minute increments $20
Time is scheduled in 20 minute increments for one of our trainers to practice obedience with your dog. Focus can be on basic obedience or any commands that the team is having difficulty with. By appointment only. Please call for more details.

Puppy S.T.A.R. Class

6 Weeks $220
In this class, puppies under 6 months learn basic obedience commands. There will also be play time that will assist in socialization skills and we will discuss solutions for common puppy issues.

Canine Fitness

6 Weeks $200
This class is for all dogs over 1 year of age. We will teach you and your dog how to use standard canine fitness equipment as well as how to utilize common household items to increase core body strength and gain body awareness. All these activities will increase your dog's fitness, agility and confidence. Once you and your dog complete this course AND become cleared by the fitness staff, you will be eligible to attend our drop-in K9 Fitness Hours.

Performance Sports


6 Weeks $200
We have 3 levels of Agility classes. The Beginning Agility is open to anyone with basic obedience skills. Obstacle familiarization is the primary focus and exercises are done on lead initially with obstacles at low settings. From there, the instructor will move you up as appropriate.

Rally Drop In

10 Weeks $20 per session
This class will focus on the specifics of Rally competition and we will have nested courses for all levels.


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Class Schedules

Our dog training class schedules are availble on our calendar.



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