1975 S.E 1st Street
Gresham, OR 97080
(503) 669-8081

Our Staff at DogTown in Gresham!

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Stacy Dickinson, CPDT-KA, CTDI, CGC Evaluator

Owner/ Lead Trainer

Stacy is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer with over 20 years experience. She has multiple AKC Obedience, Rally and Agility titles and shows her dogs in Conformation. Stacy also has a Bachelors degree in Biology, but prefers to spend her time working with dogs and their people. Stacy's little Pomeranians can often be found guarding the office or assisting in classes. She is patiently waiting for her new Keeshond puppy to arrive.

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Alyssa R

Front End Manager

Alyssa has been with DogTown for over 3 years now. Alyssa can be found in the lobby assisting other customers with a friendly attitude, although sometimes you'll spot her in the back working with the dogs! Alyssa's favorite kind of dog is a Yorkie, although she doesn't have one of her own, she'll be happy to cuddle yours!

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Amanda B

Daycare Manager/Trainer

Amanda's been with DogTown since 2017. Amanda is usually found in daycare with all the dogs playing and working on dog's obedience. You might also catch Amanda helping in the lobby or learning to teach our Obedience classes on Monday night! Watching Amanda work with dogs showcases her skills of consistency and her love for dogs! Daize is a new addition to Amanda's family, after years of wanting a dog she has finally found her forever furry friend. Daize spends her days in daycare alongside Amanda helping play and entertain other dogs.

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Jody S

Facility Manager

Dental Hygienist as her "real" profession, DogTown team member as her passion. Jody has been with DogTown since the very beginning, taking classes and helping to get the business up and running. You'll often find Jody upfront assisting customers or keeping things running smoothly in the office. Jody spends many weekends in the show ring with her Husky Irie and has been taking classes at DogTown for over a decade. Feel free to say "Hello", but her dog Irie might beat you to it.

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Brooke J

Lead Daycare Attendant/Trainer

Brooke is one of our employees who has been with DogTown for many years. After interning for over a year, Brooke now teaches our Puppy S.T.A.R. and Beginning Obedience classes. Prior to working with DogTown, she also worked at a local chain pet store teaching classes. You will often catch Brooke singing to the dogs in the back! She has a bright smile and spunky attitude so make sure to say "Hello" when you see her. One of Brookes favorite breeds is a Parson Russell Terrier, although she doesn't have one, she will be happy to cuddle and play with yours!

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Shelby N

Lead Daycare Attendant

Shelby has been with DogTown for over 2 years! She's often in the back cuddling dogs and enjoying time with them. You'll often find her behind the gates of the large dog side smiling and talking to the dogs. Feel free to say hello to this friendly face! Shelby's friendly personality shines through when you say "Hello" to her, although she might beat you too it!

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Tam J

Lead Daycare Attendant/Trainer

Before Tam started working at DogTown, she brought her dogs, Alice and Gus to daycare and attended many classes. She soon decided to join the DogTown team and has been with us ever since! You'll catch Tam both inside the lobby and in the back working one on one with dogs. Tam also works extensively in the P.L.A.Y. program and teaches the Fitness classes here at DogTown. Make sure to say "Hello", Tam loves meeting new people and having friendly faces greet her!

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Helen S

Daycare Attendant

Helen came to DogTown last summer to work with the dogs and decided to stay on through the school year. When she's not working with our daycare dogs or at school, Helen shows her Whippets-Freddie and Eric and her Dachshund Pippin in Conformation and Rally.

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Tana M

Customer Service Assistant

Tana has been working customer service for a few years now. If you ever need anything in the lobby don't be afraid to ask, or say "Hello"! Tana spends most of her time at DogTown assisting customers, however on rare occasions you'll find her in the back with dogs playing! Tana has a few dogs of her own, but they spend their days at home curled up on the couch relaxing.

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Adam L

Overnight Attendant

Adam has been working with DogTown for over 4 years! You'll often find his friendly face in the back with all the dogs or making sure our facility is spotless at night. Feel free to say "Hello"! On rare occasions you'll catch him in the lobby with his dogs Savannah, Kenai or Akela. They work along side him, helping him watch and entertain the dogs.